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The Experience



“I recently had a photoshoot with Cally that was a suggestion from my therapist as a form of CBT to help me with my self esteem and self worth issues. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is a method of treatment for psychological disorders, it works by teaching a person to change their thoughts (cognition) and their behaviours. The aim is to assess the negative thoughts a person is having about themselves, and their view of the world, and to replace them with more positive and constructive thoughts and behaviours. It took me over a year of following Cally to finally have the courage to look my shoot but I knew if anyone was going to help me see myself through someones else’s eyes it was her. I was nervous and awkward but Cally made me feel at ease from the very first moment we met. Throughout the shoot she made all the right comments to help build up my confidence. I’ve only seen a couple of finished shots BUT I can honestly say I am seeing myself in a way I never have before I’m not fixed but this photoshoot is exactly what I needed to help me on my journey of self love.”


“Scarlet Trip and I were talking about you last night. About how you really inspired us to really just predominantly shoot with women or really really accredited people. It was just such a great experience for both of us shooting with you and we appreciate you so much.”


“Honestly you are one of the few photographers I feel truly deserves it so I will support you to the ends of the earth. I will 100% be booking with you again and again, and again because both of the shoots I’ve done with you have been at the top of my list of favourites”


“I can’t thank you enough Cally! I’ve never felt so confident in front if a camera before (and I did years of modelling and quit because it took a toll on my mental health.”


“Cally, there are no words for how amazing that whole day has been for my self esteem. You know what I did straight after this shoot? I wore a crop top on a night out…bra-less. No fucks given. that may be normal for some but I have been struggling so much with my body over the last few years that I consider it a huge win. thank you for helping me on my way to accepting myself asI am”


“Those photos are unbelievable man. And I never thought I’d be comfortable enough to strip down in the freezing cold in front of a camera but you made it SO MUCH FUN and made me feel sooo comfortable. Your commenting and coaching while you were shooting made me feel so confident and bad ass as fuuuuck! Thanks for making my first real photo shoot such an unreal  experience. Working with you was such a pleasure I can’t wait unit we can shoot again! Thanks for bringing out the inner Emily and capturing my essence in the most perfect way. Your art blows me away, I could go on and on forever but THANK YOU SO MUCH”