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Meet CallyNicole

AbouT Me


I’m CallyNicole, the soul behind CallyNicole Photography. I began my journey with photography after being hired to manage a studio by a prominent photographer for my business mindset. After being around imagery I slowly gained an eye for composition and soon picked up a camera. It was love at first snap as capturing real life beauty in front of me was exhilarating.

I am a sex positive, body positive, tolerant, accepting, open minded, loving, driven, emotional creature. I am known for doing more than just taking a picture, I create art with my subjects through dreaming up sessions aimed at producing emotions.

With a natural talent for making individuals fall in love with themselves through imagery, I have built my studio from building confidence and spreading love. Photography is the closest we can get to seeing ourselves through the eyes of another, and gives us a raw look into our true selves.

Your body is a work of art, let me prove it to you.

Creative Genius & Visual Media Specialist

Find Me

  • Taking pictures
  • Cheering on other humans
  • Drinking fancy cocktails
  • Reading short stories
  • Eating cake
  • Dancing poorly
  • Wearing some extra fashion
  • Singing in my car
  • Laughing loudly

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